Friday, January 22, 2010

Hello photoshop.

So. Photoshop. I've only ever really used it to fix photos (as the name implies) but I'm starting a digital painting class where we are learning to paint in photoshop and corel painter - I am so excited! Here's my very first one. A black and white sketch/painting that I did of one of Malcolm Liepke's pieces. I absolutely love his work and his texture. This piece's is nothing like his (which was done in oil) but I love the different types of texture that I got from using different brushes in photoshop. Yeah. I'm excited about this.

Southern California...

Okay - this piece was supposed to be inspired by a music video by Spike Jones about why someone would move to Southern California... interesting, I know -but the red-headed guy (Jacob Jones- an up and coming musician) is so cool looking! (and by that I mean not in my painting - but in real life :) )