Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Teri, Renee, Alex


Again, going through some of my pieces getting ready to show some things at the festival and found these. The top one is of my roommate, Teri. She is so great and gets this paintings for being so.

plein air

These are two plein air (basically painting on location) paintings that I've done. The train one is fairly recent and steeple one was done a while ago, but I was going through my paintings, sorting out what I did and didn't want anymore and getting ready for a Plein Air Art Festival at Thanksgiving Point. The festival was a great experience and when I get my paintings back from that I'll post them up here. I started getting into plein air painting when I went to Italy a little over a year ago on a study abroad. My friend Jake Wyatt got me all excited about it and we did a bunch of paintings while we were there and have done a few together since we've been back—I think the bottom one was done on one of our painting adventures here in Provo. The train one was done when I was out painting with some good friends, Mary Summerhays and Sallie Poet.