Monday, December 7, 2009

palette knife.

So, this is a painting that I did in Justin Taylor's head painting class, all in a palette knife. Yeah. At first it was SO frustrating, but after the 3rd day of working on it I started to like it. The texture is just so cool.


Naazju said...

Wow, Natalie! I'm so impressed with how smooth the details are (if that comment makes sense--I'm no artist, so I can't use technical terms). I'm glad you stuck with it!

Jake Wyatt said...

Wow. My favorite of your work so far.

I love the flat shape of the shirt against the modeled, textured flesh... You really win with this one!

Dave McClellan said...

Look out people--Natalie has a knife and she knows how to use it!

I have tried this so I know how hard it is. Very impressed. I like your plein air paintings below too. I'm jealous that you got to paint in Italy.