Saturday, November 20, 2010

Warm and cool lights

 This is Alex. She is one of my favorite models. She's not only latino and beautiful, but she's also just so good at holding a pose with style and grace. This pose was impressive because she held her eyes closed the whole time, sat perfectly still and didn't fall asleep. I can't even imagine how hard that would be. Plus. I love her nose. And I love how it turned out in this painting. And I love the brush strokes that are visible. The shadow parts are so thinnley painted that you can see the toned canvas underneath. Love it.
Collin was great...even though his hair was a headache to paint. My teacher, Justin Taylor, challenged me to paint only with vertical strokes. So hard! But I ended up really enjoying it. I'll definitely be experimenting a bit more with that idea. If you click on both of these you can see the brush strokes better. Which is personally my favorite part.


L.L. said...

You are amazing Nat!

Jake Wyatt said...

I LOVE your vertical strokes. Gutsy.

Dave McClellan said...

Yep. Look who's getting good at this head painting stuff.