Monday, October 5, 2009

plein air painting

So this was a plein air painting done at Utah Lake... looking out at Mt. Nebo? Maybe someone can let me know...  I was told that was the mountain that I was supposed to paint, but to be quite honest I'm not sure which one it was :)


Néia said...

Oi Natalie!!!
A sua irmã me disse que você é muito talentosa, acho que você já sabe a opinião dela, mas saiba que a minha é a mesma.
Amei essa paisagem, se parece com o lugar onde moro agora.
Obs: e o retrato da Danica também ficou lindo!!!

Katie Bevan said...

This makes me want to take plein aire painting again!

Mika said...

Nat I love this painting. It catures what the eye can see. Love, Mika

Dave McClellan said...

Hey Natalie, I love this one. It's about 100 times better than the plein air paintings I tried to do when I was in school. I wasn't lucky enough to have a class that focused on it though. Love the colors. Good job.

Todd and Lara said...


this is a stellar painting! do you still own it?